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A fractal body has a geometry with the same structure, no matter at what scale it is observed.

Our company is committed to always providing quality work, which is why the name resonates so much with our work ethic.

We will help you accomplish your project, no matter how big or small or what stage it is at, with the same attention to detail. That's what we call Fractal quality.

The same quality, at every level

Varied support for a varied clientele

Robot Building Car



Research & 

Our approach

Step 1

In person
You chose

Step 2
Proposal of approach

We plan
We present

Any issue?

We do it again 

Step 3
Agreement and start


We sign

And we're off

Step 4
Continuous follow-up




Ask, and you shall receive

Step 5
Final delivery

Availability in case of questions

Quality Support
A robotic solution, no matter how simple, always requires a learning period. That's why offering quality support after the delivery of a project is one of our top priorities.
Employees put forward

The company is aware of the importance of each of its members in achieving its objectives. It is therefore essential that its development and accomplishments are achieved in conjunction with them. This approach is perfectly aligned with the Fractal vision, since by encouraging the development and personal progression of each individual, we simultaneously reinforce the strength and cohesion of the company as a whole.

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