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Winston the robot butler

Winston, the butler robot, will enable you to offer your customers a more efficient service while providing them with a unique experience.

Robot hotel securitaire

4 Adjustable compartments

Adjust your compartments according to the type of delivery

Robot hotel expressions

Unique expressions

More exciting communication

Robot hotel voix

Intelligent voice

Custom voice lines for a unique customer experience

Robot hotel

Secure structure

Ensure the safety of your items with lockable and sturdy compartments


Enhance your customers' experience

A personalized robotic assistant

With multiple enclosed, watertight cabins, Winston can deliver a variety of products to your guests, from food and beverages to amenities and bedding.


Around-the-clock service

Reliable room delivery

By being able to take the elevator completely autonomously, Winston offers room service at any time of day while preserving guests' privacy.

Product parameters


Maximum slope

Maximum passge width

Battery life

Battery charge time

Number of cabins

Cabin dimensions

Maximum load

Robot weight

Maximum speed

450 x 550 x 1080 mm

≤ 5°

70 cm

9 - 12 h

5 h

2 - 4

390 x 285 x 300 mm

20 kg (10 kg/layer)

48 kg

0.8 m/s

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