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Tobby, the ideal companion

Tobby is the interactive robot with the sleekest design and the most practical features. Its large screen and speakers make it an easy-to-use solution. Capable of following you, it becomes the ideal companion.

temi plateau.jpg

Adjustable tray
Features a 12V outlet for adding devices as needed.


Charging station

Autonomous charging


Voice recognition

Connected to Alexa, it can answer many questions

Temi blanc case_edited.jpg

Sleek appearance

Durable chassis, soothing color, thoughtful curves, bright screen


Simplified video calling

An accessible and secure solution

Tobby can take video calls on its large 13.3-inch HD screen and project high volume, easy to hear for anyone nearby. Thanks to its autonomous navigation and one-meter height, employees do not have to hold a phone or tablet. Don't worry about privacy; calls are secure and access can be restricted.


Informal and Musical Assistant

Connected to Alexa and iHeart Radio

Tobby becomes a handy companion with its voice recognition and the use of useful services such as Alexa and iHeart Radio. It is used to stream music, answer general questions, and can even connect to the internet to stream videos and movies. The large buttons on its screen also make it very easy to use and understand. 

Key features


Maximum slopes


Battery life

Battery charge time

Screen size

Screen resolution

Robot weight

Maximum speed

350 x 450 x 970 mm

≤ 3°

4G & 5G

8 h

3 h

13.3 ''

1920 x 1080

12 kg

1.2 m/s

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