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Project management

Fractal offers to manage the various technical aspects of your project. Whether it is through our trusted suppliers or our own team, you can be sure that you will always receive the same quality.

Here are the services we offer, to name a few. Do not hesitate to contact us for specific needs.


Our robotics services consist of integrating the different modules of your solution, planning this integration and ensuring their proper functioning through rigorous testing.

  • Discussion about your technology needs

  • Setting up an execution plan

  • Test planning


Our software-oriented services offer you the possibility of adding functionality to your existing code or to develop a custom application according to your specific needs.

  • Software development in different languages

  • Implementation of various tools

    • ROS, AI, APIs, Simulations and many others

  • Design and integration of graphical interface​s

  • Website design


Our mechanical services cover 3D modeling, manufacturing and assembly of your projects.

  • 3D design, drawing, simulation

  • Selection of materials, assembly tolerances

  • 3D printing, laser cutting, folding

  • Assembly

  • Tests 


Our electronics services will meet your sensor and actuator integration needs.

  • Sensor selection and integration

  • Actuator selection and integration

  • Design of control loops

  • Design of PCBs according to your needs

  • Embedded programming

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