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Peanut the guiding robot

Peanut, the guide robot, will help your customers navigate through your store or shopping center while showing them relevant information on its large screen.

Guiding robot head

Autonomous guide

Guide your visitors to the desired location with ease

Robot guide publicite

Dynamic Display

Showcase information boldly and with flair

Robot guide voix

Intelligent voice

Custom voice lines for a unique customer experience


Original shape

Its peanut-shaped structure inevitably catches the eye, adding a touch of originality and flair to any environment


Double-sided HD display screen

An innovative way to display information

With its large, double-sided screen, Peanut lets you display your own information or advertisements to those around you.


Autonomous positioning and navigation

A more powerful, personalized experience

Thanks to the advanced integration of multiple sensors such as LIDAR, machine vision, depth vision and sonar, the robot can work efficiently and stably in complex environments.


Clear, simple user interface

Simplicity at the heart of every interaction

The robot's user interface is simple and clear, with crisp visual effects and bright background themes, enabling users to enjoy a seamless experience.

Product parameters


Maximum slope

Maximum passage width

Battery life

Battery charge time

Robot weight

Maximum speed

600 x 500 x 1450 mm

≤ 5°

70 cm

7 h

6 h

70 kg

1.2 m/s

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