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Vacuum 40, the master of suction

The Vacuum 40 is the most efficient robot vacuum cleaner on the market. With its suction power and autonomous navigation, it is essential for deep cleaning in all environments.

3 in one

3-in-1 cleaning

integrating vacuuming, sweeping and dusting


Great adaptability

Works great on different floor types, whether hard surface, low pile or high pile carpet


Powerful 24 KPA suction

Strong suction performance - effortlessly picks up fine dust and debris


Device integration

Possibility of integration with external devices to provide service throughout the building


Deep cleaning

The carpet maintenance pro

The vacuum 40 is equipped with a highly elastic anti-static roller brush that penetrates deep into carpet fibers without damaging them. The automated floor vacuum offers three suction modes to meet different carpet cleaning needs - whether it's light, medium or deep cleaning, Vacuum 40 has it all covered.


Simplify your cleaning

Minimized human intervention

The 40 vacuum cleaner will make cleaning much easier, without human intervention. It senses environmental changes, updates the map and reorients itself in real time - you don't need to stand by to keep it from getting bogged down. Thanks to the optional docking station, the robot can recharge itself. It also offers remote access via the Gausium mobile app which allows you to monitor and control your cleaning task from anywhere.


Air freshening and purification

Add freshness to your cleaning routine

An innovative multipurpose diffuser kit can be easily installed on the vacuum 40 for purification, humidification or aroma diffusion. You will also have the pleasure of breathing purified air thanks to its medical grade HEPA H13 filter which effectively captures harmful particles and allergens.

Key features


Minimum clearance height

Suction pressure


Operating time

Charging time

Maximum leveling

Movement speed

Cleaning width

800 x 690 x 890 mm

890 mm

24 000 pa

400 - 800 m²/h

3 hours vacuuming, 18 hours dusting



1 m/s

720 mm

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