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Phantas cleaning robot

Phantas - All-in-one

The Phantas is an all-in-one robot designed for a range of environments as it integrates several cleaning functions, including sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and floor disinfection.


Thanks to its advantageous size, advanced sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms, the Phantas navigates efficiently and cleans large areas. It is also equipped with obstacle detection and collision avoidance technologies, ensuring safe and efficient operation in complex environments.

Vacuum 40 - Vacuum expert

The Vacuum 40 is a cleaning robot specialized in floor vacuuming. Just like the Phantas, it is equipped with advanced sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms to navigate autonomously and efficiently.


The Vacuum 40 is designed to deliver powerful, consistent suction, ensuring efficient, thorough cleaning for a variety of floor types.

Vacuum 40 cleaning robot
Scrubber 50 cleaning robot

Scrubber 50 - Automated scrubbing

The Scrubber 50 is a scrubbing robot specialized in washing floors. It is designed to provide powerful and uniform washing, ensuring clean and hygienic floors.


Using its advanced sensors, the scrubber 50 makes cleaning much easier with little human intervention. It senses environmental changes, updates the map and reorients itself in real time - you don't need to stand by to keep it from getting lost or untracked.

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