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Phantas, the all-in-one robot

Phantas is the most versatile robot cleaner on the market. With its advantageous size and multiple cleaning modes, it is an essential tool in the majority of scenarios.

All in one

All-in-one cleaning

Integrates vacuuming, scrubbing, sweeping
and dusting


Advanced remote control

The app allows you to control the robot in real time from anywhere and at any time.

Easy access

Great ease of access

Effortlessly passes and cleans narrow aisles and areas under tables


Device integration

Possibility of integration with external devices to provide service throughout the building


Superior mobility

The ideal choice for tight spaces

Thanks to its compact size, the robot can effortlessly pass through and clean narrow aisles and areas under tables. In addition, thanks to its side brush and its high-precision sensors, the Phantas is capable of cleaning wall edges at 0 cm distance.

Easy access to tight areas and powerful edge cleaning ability ensure maximum cleaning coverage - Every inch of your floor space, Phantas has you covered!


Scheduling and charging system

Minimized human interventions

Using its internal schedule and automatic charging station, the Phantas can automatically go about its daily tasks without needing a person to start it.


Smart obstacle avoidance

Safe cleaning

Phantas detects static and dynamic obstacles in all directions and performs autonomous intelligent avoidance in real time, generating collision-free trajectories in its workspaces.

Key features


Minimum passage height

Suction pressure


Operating time

Charging time

Maximum leveling

Movement speed

Cleaning width

540 x 440 x 617 mm

650 mm

1500 m²

350-600 m²/h

4.5h scrubbing/vacuuming, 12h sweeping



1 m/s

330 mm scrubbing, 410 mm suction

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