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Robot waiters are revolutionizing the restaurant industry, working in perfect harmony with waiters. By taking charge of delivering meals from the kitchen to the dining room, robots free up waiters' time, allowing them to concentrate on offering more personalized service and better meeting customers' needs.

Server icon

Meal transport

Workload icon

Reduced staff workload

Efficiency icon

More efficient service

Marketing icon

Visibility and appeal​​




In the hotel industry, robots are transforming room service. They are capable of delivering items such as food, blankets, towels and toiletries directly to guests' rooms. By being able to operate all day, you can offer room service at any time with the help of robots.

Room service icon

Meal transport

Elevator icon

Reduced staff workload

24 7 icon

Service at all times

Secure icon

Secure compartments


In the industrial sector, our robots offer a unique advantage thanks to their exceptional flexibility, which translates into faster set-ups and reconfigurations than traditional mobile bases. Once deployed, these robots excel at transporting materials or finished products to different areas of the building. Thanks to their speed, precision and intelligent navigation systems, our robots optimize employee workflows, boosting productivity and reducing costs.

Transport icon

Meal transport

Productivity icon

Reduced staff workload

Quick install icon

Fast, inexpensive installation

Safe workspace icon

Prevention of work-related injuries




In institutions such as hospitals or nursing homes, robots excel in delivery to patients. They can transport medicines, medical equipment, food and other necessities to different locations within the facility. By autonomously managing the delivery of items, they enable staff to concentrate on care, and create a more efficient healthcare environment.

Medecine icon

Transport of medicines

No contact icon

Reduced staff workload

24 7 icon

Service at all times

Easy use icon

Utilisation simple



In the dynamic world of tourism, robots play a multifaceted role as interactive guides and information centers. These advanced robots are equipped with large screens capable of displaying relevant information or advertising to all passers-by.

Target icon

Display of targeted information

Guiding icon

Reduced staff workload

Meal delivery icon

Transport des repas

Visibility icon

Visibility and appeal

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