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Olive the robot server

Olive is the most agile robot waiter on the market. Its unrivalled navigation enables it to reach even the most inaccessible parts of your restaurant.


Convenient tray access
300° opening


Unique expressions

More exciting communication


Intelligent voice

Custom voice lines for a unique customer experience


Unrivalled structure

Durable, waterproof chassis to accommodate various load heightsts

T8_Delivering (1920 x 1080).jpeg

Superior mobility

The ideal choice for narrow or crowded restaurants

Olive can pass through a narrow path of just 55 cm, making it an ideal choice in complex, crowded environments. What's more, its unrivalled navigation will enable it to avoid any obstacle in its path with ease.


Localization and map construction system

Efficient multi-robot collaboration

Thanks to the high positioning accuracy provided by the encoder, gyroscope and LiDAR, Olive is able to create a precise map of your environment. This enables the robot to locate itself efficiently at all times, and allows multiple robots to work together to make your service even more efficient.

Key features


Maximum slope

Maximum passage width

Battery life

Battery charge time

Number of trays

Maximum load

Robot weight

Maximum speed

384 x 468 x 1123 mm

≤ 5°

55 cm

9 - 12 h

5 h

2 - 3

5 Kg per tray, 10 Kg bottom one

38 kg

0.8 - 1.2 m/s

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