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Bingo the robot server

Bingo, the delivery robot, is revolutionizing the catering industry with its efficient and reliable autonomous delivery.


4 adjustable trays

Up to 10 Kg per tray


Unique expressions

More exciting communication


Intelligent voice

Custom voice lines for a unique customer experience


Unrivalled structure

Durable, waterproof chassis to accommodate various load heightsts


Minimalist aesthetics

At the cutting edge of trends

With a light weight of 52 kg and a slimmer body, Bingo is a flexible solution that can offer as much as its companions while being more affordable.


SLAM positioning and mapping system

A rewarding experience

Thanks to the AI-based trajectory system, delivery robots plan routes more intelligently and perform more precise positioning than competitors.


Professional delivery

Born for delivery

The multi-point delivery mode delivers dishes for four tables at the same time.
The cruise delivery mode delivers bites to customers at events.

Key features


Maximum slope

Maximum passage width

Battery life

Battery charge time

Number of trays

Maximum load

Robot weight

Maximum speed

519 x 531 x 1256 mm

≤ 5°

70 cm

12 - 15 h

5 h

2 - 4

10 Kg per tray, 5Kg bottom tray

52 kg

1.2 m/s

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