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Henri the robot server

A high-end server robot capable of navigating through complex spaces


4 adjustable trays
Up to 10 Kg per tray


Unique expressions

More exciting communication


Intelligent voice

Custom voice lines for a unique customer experience


Unrivalled structure

Durable, waterproof chassis to accommodate various load heightsts


Autonomous and intelligent navigation

Omnidirectional obstacle detection

LIDAR, depth vision, stereo vision (RGBD), collision sensor and depth vision with infrared telemetry give the robot a smoother, more efficient obstacle avoidance capability.


Multi-robot collaboration

A more efficient delivery

Thanks to the intelligent coordination of the communication system, it is possible to implement AI-based distribution planning, which ensures cooperation between several robots and continuous optimization of loading capacity, thus improving the efficiency of robot group deliveries.

Key features


Max slope

Maximum passage width

Battery life

Battery charge time

Number of trays

Maximum load

Robot weight

Maximum speed

506 x 502 x 1205 mm

≤ 5°

80 cm

12 - 15 h

5 h

2 - 4

40 Kg (10 Kg per tray)

50 kg

1.2 m/s

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